Metabolite Quantification

The study of the metabolic fate of drugs is an essential and important part of the drug development process, research of drug metabolism pathways, drug-drug interactions, drug-herb interactions, influence of genetic polymorphisms and other factors that influence the phase I and/or II metabolism of a drug. Different in vitro methods, from subcelullar to organ range, and in vivo studies are applied for the clarification of drug metabolism. The analysis of metabolites in complex biological matrices is a challenging task therefore several analytical methods for qualification and quantification of drug metabolites are used. Liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (LC-MS) has become the most powerful analytical tool for screening and identification of drug metabolites in biological matrices. 
The LC-MS/MS methods are considered as most appropriate for determination of drugs and their metabolites and are also best suited for high throughput analysis. We provide analytical services based on various LC-MS/MS based methods for metabolite quantification.